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Karina Lucas

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Hi there! My name is Karina Lucas, and I am one of the Librarians in the Learning Commons at Innisfail Campus!

I grew up in Innisfail, and actually went to John Wilson myself! I have an amazing husband, Ian and two beautiful girls, Emily and Chloe. My family and I love running, hiking, camping and skiing. I enjoy reading (of course!), riding my bike, gardening and cooking. I have a dog named Gracie and two cats, Kitten and Sheldon! 

Every day is amazing for me, because I am surrounded by your amazing kids and thousands of books, what could be better?! I help kids find good fit books they will love. If we don't have something they want, we try to get it to keep the kids happy and interested. We have classes each week, and during that time we do a book exchange, library skills and read a story. Every month we put new books out on display with a particualr theme for that time of year. We host a book fair twice a year that brings funds right back into our library to buy new books. Our Learning Commons is used by all three schools, so it can be busy at times, but our goal is to make sure it is a safe, welcoming space for every student!