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Terri Schaitel

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My name is Terri Schaitel and I am one of two Kindergarten teachers at École John Wilson Elementary School for the  school year. I have been teaching for 18 years and Kindergarten is my passion.   I am a busy wife and a mother of two,   My husband John and I have been married 16 years this summer.  I’ve been a part of École John Wilson Elementary School for 10 years and this year I am pleased to be welcoming roughly 40 families to Kindergarten.  

 Every single kid has unique needs, and every single child learns individually so I work hard to plan personalized programs.   I  love to teach through themes using a balance of structured and directly led lessons, songs, interactive lessons  on the SMART board and laptops, and of course through lots of  PLAY!!!   Lots  of “coached play” as I call it.  The kindergarten  team operates very well together being ‘dragons’ or ‘princesses’,  and as we guide purposeful and imaginative  play we build great relationships with your children.  Kindergarten is a very busy establishing routines, building confidence in the kids as learners,  and engaging the kids in all learning activities, at their level. 

I think children are amazing at all ages, and believe that between the ages of 3-6 they are absolutely remarkable..........they are so responsive and receptive to learning and are capable of truly motivating themselves through curiosity and eagerness.  I teach to this philosophy.  I create an environment which sparks creativity in which to learn.   We surround students with early literacy and early math learning, and as the year goes on we continue to build on from where your child is at. 

I am committed to the highest quality of Early Childhood Programming for your child and I am supported by great Educational Assistants assigned to our Kindergarten classes!   We are a great team and have such fun with students in our day.  ÉJWES Kindergarten program helps prepare children for entry into grade one and provides a foundation for their entire learning journey.  I will provide learning experiences for all children that address their developmental, intellectual, physical, emotional, social and creative needs. The development of the intellect is influenced by the emotional, social and creative growth of your child.  My Kindergarten program will recognise and support your child’s personality, pace of learning, knowledge, skills, interests and goals.  It’s important to learn, laugh and grow together and that’s what we do in my classroom at École John Wilson Elementary School.